Chapman Spira & Carson LLC
The principles of investment banking advisory firm Chapman, Spira & Carson (“CSC”) have been on Wall Street as a major group for over a hundred years. The firm's members have had five seats on the New York Stock Exchange and have been members on all major American Exchanges. Associates have served various capacities with the American Stock Exchange and the National Association of Security Dealers (NASD) as well.

Since its founding in 1989, Chapman Spira and Carson LLC has been assisting its clients achieve their business goals in a number of ways. As an Investment Bank, the firm provides critical support in the creation and execution of its clients’ business development plans so that they’ll be acted upon by funding sources; in their client’s intellectual property fortification, with CSC’s marketing expertise, along with providing extensive corporate development and financial assistance and advice.

They are convinced that CSC's mandate is to help its clients maximize profits while simultaneously advising them on cutting their costs through the identification of synergistic business objectives and improvement in the efficiency of their corporate organization .CSC is dedicated to maintaining a faithful relationship with its clients by guiding them through a complex administrative maze of blind alleys, mazes and potentially traitorous relationships. This is because “If you are a failure, no one pays attention but should your concept be successful, you will attract the economic vultures who will attempt to feed off of your concepts.”

Thus, CSC perceives the entire process of corporate construction as opposed to viewing clients merely as transactions. Moreover, CSC finds that there is just no suitable substitute for integrity, hard work, and trust. These are the core-values at CSC and its clients always receive their utmost attention.

CSC’s creed is built upon the simple fact that in today’s business world, one has to be the anticipator of change and not wait until it hits you in the face. These are both dynamic as well as rough-and-tumble times that require a vision of trends and future political upheavals. As the economist Howard Ruff so brilliantly stated, “It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.” The Management of CSC concurs.

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