• The late 70s/very early 80s were spent developing and commercially delivering creativity and innovation techniques/services to North American and European clients

• In 1984 the services research & development firm, Synergic Development, Inc., was formed.

• The early focus was on creating techniques to More Rapidly and Consistently Produce Implementable/Commercializable Results From Development and Growth Initiatives.

• Over the ensuing years proven techniques were established to actively engage influential, decision making "top management" from reputable firms/organizations in the highest opportunity areas... "Opinion Leaders", who are the agents for rapid action/acceleration - leading to the registered trademark Accelerated Commercialization® by the early 90s...

• The firm evolved and emerged in the late 90s in its mature form as Synergics Corporation, providing business creation, development, innovation and commercialization services to industry on a global basis.