Multi Organics Pvt. Ltd.
Multi Organics Private Limited, in 2006, was a 28-year old organic & pharmaceutical intermediate and specialty chemical manufacturing company located in India. Their strengths include superior and innovative chemistry with an Institutionalized Focus on Continuous Process Improvement, which has enabled them to compete with larger competitors in Asia and in Eastern Europe … during the period when more than 32 of their competitors exited the business in India. They have established sales in all major countries in Europe, the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific Region as a consequence of providing its customers with the highest levels of quality, reliability and service, an advanced manufacturing infrastructure and low costs.

They operate from two strategically planned locations. Headquarters are in Mumbai, formerly Bombay, the commercial capital of India and a global hub for businesses in the Asia-Pacific region. The firm’s chemical operational plants are located in Central India, are well connected with rail routes and roads; and where they are well serviced with nonstop and ample supply of power and water, availability of skilled manpower, and the lowest prices for energy in India. Their plants have extensive effluent treatment facilities to ensure pollution free manufacturing. Multi Organics has well equipped and modern QC labs with GC, HPLC, spectrometers and a host of other relevant analytical capabilities to ensure an ability to handle practically all chemical engineering unit operations.

Relentless globalization has made cost reduction, quality, an agile and responsive supply chain, and finally outsourcing as the maximum thrust areas in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries today. With an outstanding experience of almost three decades, Multi Organics not only understand the challenges but has also successfully addressed them during its tenure by successfully developing and repeatedly testing their manufacturing outsourcing capabilities and service, i.e. they are the4 proven“ MPO” for the chemical - pharmaceutical industry in the Asia-Pacific region.

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