Wansår Corporation Oy
Wansår is a 2 year old pharmaceutical marketing company completely focused on the market development, marketing, sales and distribution of pharmaceuticals in the ScandiBaltic marketplace (i.e., the six countries surrounding the Baltic Sea… Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania).

While all these countries are members of the European Union and have close commercial and cultural synergies, they also have different histories and languages, which as a whole make it difficult to manage pharmaceutical sales and distribution from a distance by non-ScandiBaltic pharmaceutical firms. In each country Wansår developed its local operations based on the varying national characteristics, the local legislative and competitive environments along with local customer needs, and have developed country customized models for pharmaceutical distribution.

Together, the executives of Wansår bring over four decades of ScandiBaltic pharmaceutical business experience including the founding of 6 marketing organizations; securing 112 product marketing approvals and 17 publications; co-ordination of 2 multi-center Phase III studies and 36 Clinical Phase IV studies and their publications in regional medical papers; as well as executive positions in and/or the formation or acquisition and management of several pharmaceutical firms (e.g., Hormos Medical, BioTie Therapies, Farmos Group, Scientific Hospital Supplies, FSL Bells, Britannia Pharmaceuticals, Item Development Ab, and Medinet International amongst others).

From their headquarters in Turku, Finland, the principals of Wansår are but a short distance away (only a brief flight of 15-90 minutes) from the business centers of all market countries and are well positioned as they take on the € 7 Billion growing market opportunity for pharmaceuticals in Scandibalticum.

For further information contact:
Kai Lähdesmäki, Executive Chairman at kai.lahdesmaki@wansar-corp.fi
Lars Pellas, President and CEO at lars.pellas@wansar-corp.fi