Ronald C (“Ron”) Pellman, Florida, USA
As an inventor, entrepreneur, consultant, and trainer, Ron Pellman's entire career has focused on the management of innovation. He has conducted over 300 new product, new business development, and internal venture management projects for leading companies in the U.S. and Europe. He has also directed numerous seminars on the subjects of creativity, new product development, innovation management, and strategic leadership. His over 30 year career in consulting includes almost a decade at the helm of a consulting firm that focused on rekindling client organization's entrepreneurial spirit. Earlier, his consulting career included a founding partnership and presidency in a management consulting company specialized in innovating solutions to business growth problems, and the US divisional presidency of an international consulting firm specialized in new product development.

Before becoming a business consultant, Ron established an R&D facility for a manufacturer of machine tool control products. Prior to that, he received his early experience in the application of creative techniques to product innovation and business problem-solving while working at the Ford Motor Company with Mr. George Muller, a pioneer in this area. As principal engineer of Ford's Advanced Vehicle Concepts Department, he headed a group responsible for providing overall futuristic vehicle direction. After leaving Ford he was retained by the company as a consultant, a relationship that endured for over 25 years.

Mr. Pellman received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the Carnegie Institute of Technology, majored in Fine Arts/Design at the University of Buffalo, and has done postgraduate work in electronics. He is co-author of the book Intrapreneuring in Practice: A Handbook for Business Innovation. The book has been translated into Portuguese (for the Brazilian market) and Chinese to help foster innovation in areas that are rapidly expanding. Ron is a US citizen and resides on the West Coast of Florida.