John M. Salladay, Indiana, USA
John Salladay had a twenty-seven year career at Dow Chemical Company, which included numerous management positions in Research & Development and Marketing. It culminated in the position of Innovations Director where he led the establishment of processes for new business identification for the Plastics and Ventures business units. As Business Development Director in Plastics, John and his teams pioneered the use of new business analysis methods for defining the impact of environmental performance requirements on the business and led the development of an environmental strategy for the overall Plastics business. The resulting innovative programs on plastics and the environment received national recognition and provided a basis for a revised industry positioning of plastics in the environment

John held earlier positions in Specialty Plastics as Market Development Director for new products and markets and was Laboratory Director for the Films and Coated Metals Development organization. He led the Development group for the Styrofoam® (a Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company) brand insulation business and headed the Styrofoam business team during the high growth years of the late 70s. He was heavily involved in application and market development for new residential insulation systems.

John is founder and Managing Director of NBID Associates, his own business development service firm specializing in tailored projects to help its clients identify and develop major new business opportunities. The firm integrates proven principles of successful innovation with entrepreneurial processes of finding market needs and openings into its new business identification and development services. NBID's clients can thus quickly move to develop a platform of specific new business opportunities to meet their financial goals based on established market needs and a basis of sustainable competitive advantage for the company. Since 1995, NBID Associates has helped over two-dozen companies ranging in size from large multinationals down to ten million dollar corporations develop profitable business opportunities faster at lower risk in a host of market and technology areas.

John received BS (cum laude) and MS degrees in chemical engineering from Ohio State University and continues to serve on that department's professional advisory board. He received OSU's College of Engineering Texnikoi award for distinguished alumni. John has served in leadership positions for several industry trade associations. John and his wife Betsy have four adult daughters and six grandchildren and reside in Indiana.