John W. Stevens, Florida, USA
John Stevens possesses a broad background in plastics, chemicals, and materials product development and has served as a highly effective bridge between technical and marketing communities in the materials industry.

At The Dow Chemical Company for twenty-three years, John was most recently Senior Innovations Manager, responsible for leading numerous breakthrough research projects from ideation through market introduction. In that role John assisted in the crafting of new products and businesses for the building & construction, automotive, packaging, agriculture, electronics, and aerospace industries. His combination of insightful technical understanding with state-of-the-art market and business development principles and practices provides John with a unique capability for finding and developing new business opportunities. Additionally, John has had considerable hands-on experience with start-up companies and, with partners, has launched several new companies in North America.

John is also the co-founder and Director of NBID Associates, a business development service firm specializing in tailored projects to help its clients identify and develop major new business opportunities. The firm integrates proven principles of successful innovation with entrepreneurial processes of finding market needs and openings into its new business identification and development services. NBID's clients can thus quickly move to develop a platform of specific new business opportunities to meet their financial goals based on established market needs and a basis of sustainable competitive advantage for the company. Since 1995, NBID Associates has helped over two-dozen companies ranging in size from large multinationals down to ten million dollar corporations develop profitable business opportunities faster at lower risk in a host of market and technology areas.

John has very broad technical education and experience. After receiving a Master of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of Arkansas, he worked in the chemical industry while studying chemical engineering through Texas A&M University and polymer science through Case Western Reserve University. John's experiences include process development for a broad range of chemicals and plastics including styrene monomer and polymer, brine chemicals and polyethylene and product development in polyethylene, polystyrene, polyurethane chemicals, and plastic films and foams. His background in polyethylene cuts across three decades of process and product development: in the 70s, research on high pressure autoclave and tubular reactor products and product development on high strength liner resins and stretch cling film resins; in the 80s, LLDPE and EVA resins for low density foam and film applications; in the 90s, polyolefin elastomers for thermoplastic elastomer blends in automotive applications.

John also possesses extensive experience in technical and management training. He led the development of the management training curriculum for a major research organization and was a founding member of both Dow's U.S. Quality Board and their U.S. Technical Training Committee. Each of these bodies gained widespread recognition for accelerating cultural changes in the organization.

John and his wife Robbie have four adult daughters and two grandchildren, are US citizens and reside in Florida