Tom H. Stoudt, Virginia, USA
Tom brings more than 30 years experience in product development, new business development and general business management within a multi-billion dollar global corporation and also brings extensive, hands-on business development and operating experience to Synergics.

Prior to his consulting affiliation with Synergics (including that with SICO International Technologies and ISIS for client firms like BASF, Dow Chemical, and Shell Chemical), Tom held senior positions in the Advanced Technology Group (ATG) of US-based Hoechst Celanese Corporation (HCC), a group with corporate "renewal" responsibility. As Vice President of Technology and Business Assessment, he helped lead a change effort in ATG to shift from an internal, technology-driven culture to an external, market-focused organization, which included formation of alliances and acquisitions. As Vice President New Business Development in ATG, Tom had responsibility for a portfolio of new businesses and minority equity holdings related to a broad array of products and industries.

Before joining ATG, Tom was Vice President & General Manager of HCC's Electronic Products Division, a unit he formed and built to a market leadership position. The division is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of lithographic and process chemicals to the semiconductor industry. Earlier, he held a variety of technical and technical marketing positions in the Azoplate Corporation, the entrepreneurial predecessor to HCC's Printing Products and Electronic Products Divisions.

Tom has experience with a wide range of industries including: chemicals, electronics, automotive, fibers & textiles, communications, graphic arts, construction, food and healthcare. His product experience includes specialty chemicals and materials, engineered materials and parts, industrial equipment, electronic devices, and engineering plastics. He holds a BA degree in Chemistry from Rutgers University. Tom was a member of the Advisory Committee of Early Stage Enterprises, a New Jersey-based, limited partnership venture capital fund. He is an avid boater, is married with two adult children, and is a US citizen residing in Virginia.