Abhijeet Birewar, Mumbai, India
Abhijeet Birewar has a more than 15 year career experience as an entrepreneur and business executive in diverse fields including the telecommunications, computer software, export/import, and specialty chemical manufacturing industries amongst others.

As a founder, he personally led an initiative, which planned and then secured venture funding and launched a cutting edge Indo-American telecommunications software products company in the US. This firm successfully developed technology, secured 5 patents and grew by establishing sales with top telecommunications suppliers in 8 countries before being successfully sold for significant multiples.

Since 1997, Abhijeet has been a board member, director and in charge of Business Development, New Products Development and Global Procurement for Multi Organics Pvt., Ltd, headquartered in Mumbai, India. While serving in this capacity, Abhijeet has successfully quadrupled the number of manufactured products, tripled the number of countries with market penetration by the firm and successfully grown this outsource manufacturing establishment to the position of a leadership and award earning operation in India.

Abhijeet is extremely well traveled throughout the Asia-Pacific regions and has his thumb on the pulse of industry and its growth opportunities that are occurring in those regions today. Obviously Abhijeet is well positioned as a Synergics' resource-on-the-ground in India.

Abhijeet earned a Bachelor of Engineering at the prestigious University of Bombay, and both a Master of Science and a Master of Business Administration at Iowa State University in the USA. He is married with children, is a citizen of India, and resides in Mumbai.