William A. (“Bill”) Cesario, Connecticut, USA
Bill Cesario has a more than 30 year career experience in providing consulting services during which time he has assisted companies in North America, Europe and Japan to secure new product, technology and business opportunities. His assignments include such diverse fields as biochemistry, biotechnology, coatings, commodity and specialty chemicals, computer systems, fibers and textiles, metallurgy, production machinery, radiation energy, and robotics as well as resins and plastics amongst others.

Bill's clientele include AT&T, Dexter Corporation, E. I. du Pont de Nemour, ITT, DSM including Gist Brocades, Akzo Nobel, Lucent Technologies, PPG, Market Perspectives, Paragon Development, Signode (now part of ITW), Synergics Corporation, The Continental Group, Valmet Paper Machinery (now Metso) and others. Deliverables from Bill's services include the identification of applications for existing or new products or technologies, market intelligence development and the identification of acquisition candidates in addition to the identification of new product/new business opportunities.

Bill is also a recognized expert in the field of creativity enhancement which, in part, is because of his longstanding relationship with the Creative Education Foundation located in Buffalo, NY. This foundation is a leading center for the evolution of creative problem solving techniques; and, Bill has had significant field experience in applying such techniques as a service to corporate management teams dealing with the realities of business since the 1970s.

Bill operates as the head of his own consulting firm, Insights/Directions, and is a member of The Materials Research Society, The New York Academy of Sciences, The International Institute of Connection and Interconnection Technology, and The American Chemical Society. He holds a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering, is a citizen of the United States, and resides in Connecticut.