Koju (“Ken”) Hangai, Tokyo, Japan
Koju Hangai brings 40 years experience in product, market, new business, and corporate development; marketing and sales management; international licensing, mergers and acquisitions; strategic planning and operations business management within moderate sized and multi-billion dollar global corporations. His career includes 36 years with Sumitomo Corporation (in Japan) and Sumitomo Corporation of America (in New York) in management and executive slots including Deputy General Manager of Business Development , General Manager of Corporate Planning, Sumitomo member -MITI Study Committee on Internationalization, to Chairman and CEO of Auburn Steel Company, Inc. (a Sumitomo subsidiary).

Koju currently heads up his own consulting company in Japan, Liaison Plus Co., Ltd, where he is uniquely situated to facilitate the "hands-on" introduction of "offshore" technologies into the Japanese market. While adept at in-licensing for a wide range of technology and industrial fields, Koju's primary emphasis has been in the fields of building and construction with activities in business development through commercialization.

Technology in-licensing and business developments into Japan where Koju has been pivotal include such diverse examples as a Danish submerged tunnel construction system, a French reinforced earth construction method, a French metal roofing technology, a German threaded rebar connection system, a Swedish stainless steel welding system, a UK load indicator washer technology, a US metal building system, and a US star-net aluminum space frame system. Japanese product and business developments include a drainage system for highway viaducts, bridge and tunnels; a highway tunnel louver system for light & noise control; and, stainless steel emergency door systems for highway tunnels.

A native of Japan, Koju was educated in Economics and International Finance at the prestigious Gakushuuin University in Tokyo. Koju is married with grown children, is a citizen of and resides in Japan.