Who's At The Helm?
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Synergics' founder, John P. "Jack" Dyer III

Jack has highly diverse experiences and a background in launching, managing and growing businesses domestically and internationally. Jack has been active in both operational, R&D and marketing aspects of business and business development and technology commercialization while participating in the field of specialty services & consulting. As a strategic planner, business development and commercialization consultant, Jack has directed development initiatives with varied objectives including sales development, market development/entry; technology assessment and product line rationalization; new material applications; as well as technology and business targeting, development, and acquisition, and alliance formation and business strategy development and planning. A cross-section of corporations served during Jack's more than 25 year career include Allied-Signal/Honeywell, Anton-Bauer, Atlantic Research, Aquamax-Keeran, Akzo, Bio-Orbit, Caribbean Biologicals, Cygnus Group, Kemira, Borg Warner, Cargill, Dow Chemical, EG&G, Engelhard, EAR/Aearo, Exxon, FMC, Forbo, Hoechst, Hormos Nutraceutical, ICI, Marine Colloids, NBID, Neste Chemicals, Nokia, Oce, Olin, Perlos, Purolator, Raisio, Raychem, Rentech, Rexolin, Rockwell International, Rohm and Haas, Shell Oil, Sulzer Technologies, Th. Goldschmidt, United Paper Mills, Metso, Valmet-Raisio, Valio, Veitsiluoto-Forchem, W. L. Gore & Associates, Weyerhaeuser, and Wilh. Shauman.

Prior to founding and taking the helm at Synergics, Jack was Co-Founder of SICO International Technologies, Inc., serving as its Co-CEO. Earlier on, Jack was founder and President of Synergics Development, Inc., an earlier business development firm which gave rise to Synergic-Isis and Company, the precursor R&D organization that ultimately led to the formation of SICO International, and finally Synergics Corporation. Even earlier on, Jack served as the Vice President, Business Development for Innotech, a new product/business concept think-tank services and consulting firm serving both industrial and consumer product companies worldwide. During the early 90s, Jack also served as an outside member of the Board of Directors for Learning To Learn Corporation, a firm dedicated to teaching learning-disadvantaged children.

On the academic front, Jack studied Physics and Chemistry at Tulane University; additionally received a BS in Zoology from the University of Florida; an MS in Physiological Ecology from the University of South Florida; and an MBA in Management from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Jack also participated in the U.S. Navy's "Scientist-In-The-Sea" hyperbaric technologies graduate studies and training program that was sponsored by NOAA, the US Navy, the Florida State University System's Institute of Oceanography, and the University of W. Florida. Additionally Jack served as an adjunct faculty member at two universities; founded a live marine specimen supply firm with private venture funding, i.e., Caribbean Biologicals, operating in the Florida Keys and Caribbean regions; and later an enterprise specializing in mariculture in the Indonesian Archipelago (Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia). He additionally consulted to marine businesses in the Americas as well as Africa, South America and S. E. ASIA on scientific, operational, harvesting, processing and production matters.

Jack is an active member of the CDMA, and other professional and academic marketing and business development and management associations. His brief military career exposed him to travels in Africa, South America, South East Asia and Oceania. He has published several scientific and technological papers and is listed in several Who's Who domestic and international publications. Jack is married with two children and two grandchildren, is a US citizen and resides in Florida.

Jack can be reached at: Phone +1-386-441-6630, Mobile +1-386-527-3012 or by email to: jack@synergics.net